Ski Eagle


EAGLE TRACK ET-MT100 (GSM) is the perfect system for monitoring a�?Non Ocean-Going Vessels.a�? The GPS device will instantly alert personal watercraft owners via both text message and e-mail if their vessel needs attention due to high water, intrusion or theft. The Eagle Track places your personal watercraft inside a Virtual Dock Fence, an electronic fence that instantly alerts personal watercraft owners of any Ingress or Egress. Any and all occurrences are relayed instantaneously to the personal watercraft owners who can act quickly to prevent theft, unauthorized.

Eagle Tracka��s Compact Design, The Worlda��s Smallest GPS/GSM Marine Tracker, is rugged, shock proof, water proof and easy to install, it will even shut down the personal watercraft engines automatically if the vessel leaves the Virtual dock fence. Leaving the criminal on board a stolen personal watercraft floating aimlessly to await the police.



a�? Marine Eagle is smart, reliable and easy to install.

a�? Least expensive device available on the market today.

a�? Dock/storage virtual fence protects boats on land or on the water 24/7.

a�? Unlimited usage included, Remote Activation and Deactivation,
Engine Shut Down

a�? Yearly discounted annual or monthly airtime plans for unlimited use of web and phone applications.

a�? Waterproof and Shockproof case protects components.

a�? One day integrated battery life.

a�? Virtual fence defines the area where the craft can operate.

a�? Unlimited real time tracking and reporting SMS updates and Alarms.

a�? Breadcrumbing shows Three months historical data with all points where a boat has traveled.

a�? Speeding notification alerts sent when the posted limit is exceeded.

a�? Energy efficient sleep mode preserves battery life.

a�? Battery monitoring low voltage/low amperage alert.

a�? Online activation for effortless set-up.

a�? Over-the-air software updating.

a�? Three Year Warranty.


Your Airtime Plans


Input Voltage: 6 Vdc to 32 Vdc
Current Draw
< 0.5mA Deep Sleep
< 5mA Sleep on Network
< 30mA Active Standby -excluding current drawn by outputs-
150mA Charging internal backup battery -3hrs max-
Backup Battery: 3.7 Vdc @ 900mAH

Operating Temperature: -20C to +70C
Storage Temperature: -30C to +75C
Humidity: < 95% non condensating
Shock and vibration: 202G and 810F, SAE J1455
RoHS Compliant: Yes
Dimensions: 3x2x1 inches
Weight: 3 Ounces
Status LEDs: 4 General status, GPS and GSM

GNSS -Galileo and A-GPS Ready-
Number of Channels: 50 Channels, L1(1575.42Mhz)
Sensitivity: -160 dbm tracking
Location Accuracy: 3 Meters CEP (with SA off)
Hot Start: 5 sec
Cold Start: 50 sec

Comprehensive I/O
Inputs: 3
Outputs: 2 @ 2 amp each (to relays)
Extra Serial Port: 1 full duplex @ 115,200 kbps

GSM Modem
Radio Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
Transmit power: Class 4 (2w @850/900 Mhz) / Class 1 (1w @1800/1900 Mhz)
Data Support: GPRS, SMS


a�? Cabling (Included)

a�? Hubs (Included)

a�? Relays for remote on/off switching (Included)

a�? GPS Antenna (Included)

a�? GSM antenna (Included)

a�? Remote control with receiver (Optional)

a�? Intruder Alarms (Optional)

a�? Motion PIR detectors (Optional)

a�? Magnetic DOOR/ HATCH contacts (Optional)

a�? Siren (Optional)

a�? STROBELIGHT (Optional)