Moto Eagle


EAGLE TRACK GPS is the benchmark in high-tech, affordable security for motorized vehicles. Now wea��re proud to protect motorcycles as well! All of our tracking devices feature the latest advances in satellite technology as well as our proprietary cell telemetry tracking system. Result: the very best security and stolen vehicle recovery system on the market today!

Cell phone telemetry is necessary to complement GPS tracking, because GPS-only devices cana��t work when they are under dense foliage, in urban canyons, inside parking garages or underground. Plus, the bad news for a motorcycle owner is that GPS-only doesna��t work in the back of a moving van, often the vehicle of choice for motorcycle thieves!

Also, as GPS-only tracking systems become more prevalent, thieves are more likely to know the bike they have stolen may have one and just disable it. (Ita��s easy to defeat GPS-only trackers, so in an effort to avoid aiding thieves, we wona��t explain any further.)

MOTO TRACK GPS, however, outsmarts thieves by using our proprietary CELL TELEMETRY TRACKING in tandem with GPS tracking. Moto Track is the only motorcycle security system utilizing both technologies to locate and recover your vehicle.

Real Time Mapping And Tracking

User-friendly tracking reports can be seen in real time on our website, from any web-enabled phone, smart phone or computer. The location and status of your vehicle is displayed in real time every few seconds. You can also easily set up a geo-fence perimeter to define where you want your vehicle to be and to alert you if it leaves that area.

Security Alerts

At the first sign of your motorcycle being tampered with, you instantly receive text messages and/or e-mail alerts, your choice. In addition, Moto Track can instantly alert our monitoring center, as well as your friends or family, in the event of a crash or a breakdown. You decide who and how many people you want to be contacted. Our instant crash notification is absolutely essential for the solo rider. You never know, it could save your life!

Some Facts Motorcycle Owners Need To Know

In 2010 more than $370 million worth of motorcycles were stolen in the U.S. Unlike automobiles, a motorcycle can be easily lifted onto almost any truck bed and driven away in just a few minutes. Thata��s why motorcycle owners must be especially vigilant in protecting their property.

A motorcycle is stolen every eight minutes in the US. Once stolen, motorcycle parts, including frames, can be more easily altered, reused and camouflaged than car or truck parts. Thata��s why therea��s a much lower recovery rate for motorcycles than automobiles.

Alarm systems that include flashing lights and sirens are easily disabled by any novice thief. Many of our competitorsa�� more expensive security systems use engine immobilization, but these only help if the thief actually drives off on your bike. Unfortunately that usually doesna��t happen.

Troubling Statisticsa�?

a�? Nearly 50,000 motorcycles were reported stolen in 2010
a�? Those 50,000 bikes represent a loss of more than $370 million
a�? In the US, more than 7 motorcycles are stolen every hour
a�? The typical recovery rate for stolen motorcycles is only 25%-30%
a�? In 2010, the five states with the highest motorcycle theft rates were:
a�? Californiaa�?, Texasa�?, Florida, North Carolina and Indiana
a�? In 2010 the most stolen motorcycles were: Hondaa�?, Yamahaa�?, Suzukia�?, Kawasakia�? and Harley-Davidson


a�? Moto Eagle is smart, reliable and easy to install.
a�? Least expensive GPS device available on today’s market.
a�? Discounted annual or monthly airtime plans for unlimited use of web and phone applications.
a�? Unlimited dynamic reporting up to every 3 seconds.
a�? Waterproof case protects components.
a�? Virtual fence defines the area where the vehicle can operate.
a�? Tracking and security alerts sent to handheld devices and computers.
a�? Robust reports to plan maintenance and repairs.
a�? Real time tracking and reporting gives users immediate information.
a�? Smart Tracking monitoring reduces data transfer charges.
a�? Movement and accident alerts.
a�? Reports side-by-side angle.
a�? Breadcrumbing shows six months of historical data with all of the points where a vehicle has traveled.
a�? Engine immobilizer option disables an engine when the vehicle is stopped or moving under 10 miles per hour.
a�? Address, engine idling, engine on/off at all locations.
a�? Speeding notification alerts are sent when the speed limit is exceeded.
a�? Energy efficient sleep mode preserves battery life.
a�? Ignition status notification when vehicle is started without authorization.
a�? Integrated back-up battery recharges the battery.
a�? Battery monitoring low voltage/low amperage alert.
a�? No contracts or penalties for early airtime termination.
a�? Online activation for effortless set up.
a�? GPS jamming alerts with cell tower triangulation.
a�? $1 million product liability insurance.
a�? Two-year no-questions asked guarantee.


Your Airtime Plans


Input Voltage: 6 Vdc to 32 Vdc
Current Draw
< 0.5mA Deep Sleep
< 5mA Sleep on Network
< 30mA Active Standby -excluding current drawn by outputs-
150mA Charging internal backup battery -3hrs max-
Backup Battery: 3.7 Vdc @ 900mAH

Operating Temperature: -20C to +70C
Storage Temperature: -30C to +75C
Humidity: < 95% non condensating
Shock and vibration: 202G and 810F, SAE J1455
RoHS Compliant: Yes
Dimensions: 3x2x.8 inches
Weight: 10 Ounces
Status LEDs: 4 General status, GPS and GSM

GNSS -Galileo and A-GPS Ready-
Number of Channels: 20 Channels, L1(1575.42Mhz)
Sensitivity: -160 dbm tracking
Location Accuracy: 3 Meters CEP (with SA off)
Hot Start: 5 sec
Cold Start: 50 sec

Comprehensive I/O
Inputs: 2
Outputs: 2 @ 2 amp each (to relays)
Extra Serial Port: 1 full duplex @ 115,200 kbps

GSM Modem
Radio Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
Transmit power: Class 4 (2w @850/900 Mhz) / Class 1 (1w @1800/1900 Mhz)
Data Support: GPRS, SMS



SOS Button
By simply pressing the SOS button on the device, gives your drivers a simple and reliable way to call “SOS” style emergency help.

This feature allows the Fleet Manager or a parent to set an area on the map where the child may travel. A notification is sent to the parent when a child breaches the restricted area.

Bread Crumbing Feature
You can schedule a series of “automatic locates” to identify a trail of locations over a specific period of time. This feature is great for identifying a specific route or series of destinations.
Over Speed Alert
Perfect for teenage drivers and company owned vehicles, this feature allows Fleet managers and parents to be notified by text and or email when their drivers are exceeding the speed limit. A detailed “Driving Report” is available with a touch of a button online or on your PC or any web enabled cell phone.
You decide which features are best for your driver/teens
Best of all, you can inform your driver/teens about the various features as you see best.
Your Drivers/teens Can Now Call For Emergency Help!
The incredible My Secure Kids GPS Child Locator is Packed With Features:

  • SOS Button: Allows drivers to signal for help.
  • Bread Crumbing: Track your drivers/teenagers to see where they have been and when they were there.
  • Multiple Units: Keep track of all your vehicles simultaneously.
  • Low-Cost: Service plans starting as low as $19.95/month.