Fleet Eagle


FLEET EAGLE is the state-of-the-art Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) device,one of  the most powerful you can buy. It combines GPS tracking and cell telemetry tracking with GSM GPRS and SMS technology for comprehensive real-time coverage like no other system on the market. It does tracking, polling and security quickly and easily. Fleet Eagle is the ultimate solution for your fleet management needs!

Imagine a system that combines all the best of Viper/Clifford auto alarms, On-Star tracking and Lo-Jack stolen vehicle recovery. This is Fleet Eagle – the ultimate fleet management and security device. And it’s the most affordable!

Fleet Eagle utilizes one of the most affordable, compact, rugged and powerful wireless (GPRS/GSM) mobile tracking devices in the world. It features built-in TCP/IP and UDP capability, which enables total flexibility in customizing your mobile tracking. GPS data from the device can be transmitted to your centralized operations center and/or to our web-based tracking service. The wireless data and voice port can transmit e-mail and even be used for covert audio monitoring of the vehicle interior.

All the benefits and features of Fleet Eagle are far too numerous to mention here. Plus, you won’t truly appreciate them until they start working for you and making your fleet so much more effective and profitable!


• Made in the U.S.A.
• On the fly diagnostics – Auto Eagle Vehicle trackers can connect directly to vehicle
computer (CAN BUS or OBDII ports) allowing Fleet Managers remote access to
diagnostic information from PC, web enabled phone. I-phone and
Blackberry apps available.
• Stolen Vehicle Recovery – unit allows instantaneous report of potential theft and
allows vehicle owner/Fleet Manager to disable vehicle by cutting off fuel supply
and ignition.
• Unparalleled theft protection and prevention –with vehicle alarm, offers users Auto
Eagle’s Exclusive “Security FOB System”. The unit will automatically disable
vehicle if the FOB is separated by more then 200 yards from the vehicle,
(FOB worn on belt or in pocket)
• Lower Insurance rates, save as much as 35% off comprehensive insurance rates.
• Multiple vehicle tracking – Fleet Manager can view all vehicles on single
national or regional map.
• Teen driver parental alerts – unit automatically reports to parent if teen exceeds
preset speed limit determined by parent.
• DNSS technology – units report position using both GPS and Cell
Phone triangulation.
• Real time tracking – unit automatically reports location every 17 seconds.
• FOB SOS button – Automatically sends alert to Fleet Manager/monitoring
center, etc.
• Over speed Alert – Automatically reports via e-mail and or text message over speed
violation.(user sets desired speed limits)
• Bread-crumbing – Unit reports position at regular intervals allowing overview of
route and time stopped at all locations during previous 24 hour period.
• Geo-Fence – Allows Fleet Manager to set predetermined area of travel, units report
via e-mail and or text of any ingress or egress.
• Battery backup – 72 hours on a single charge, (reports every 17 seconds)
• E-mail and or text message alerts.
• I-Phone and Blackberry enabled, user interface available on I-Phone &
Blackberry apps.
• International SIM cards – units can generally cross borders without changing SIM
card. (discounted roaming charges where applicable)
• Online activation for effortless set up.
• GPS jamming alerts with cell tower triangulation.
• $1 million product liability insurance.
• OEM available – for orders in excess of 1,000 units
• State of the art mapping and tracking software. www.eagletrackgps.com/login
• Competitively priced – Auto Eagle will meet or exceed any bona fide offer on
comparable devices. (on verifiable invoice or offers)


Your Airtime Plans



  • Driver Accountability — Verify that drivers met expected schedule.
  • Reduction in Unauthorized Vehicle Use — Monitor use of vehicles; Eliminate unauthorized activities.
  • Decrease in Speed/Increase in Personnel Safety — Reward good drivers for compliance with safety policies and traffic laws by knowing how fast a vehicle is being driven and for how long it traveled at a predefined speed.
  • Validate Service calls– Know when and how long the vehicle was at a call with the vehicle history report.
  • Lower Insurance Rates — Accurately document where all vehicles are at all times; Reject frivolous property damage claims.
  • Complete Historical Record of Fleet Activities — View, print, or save reports at any time.

Input Voltage: 6 Vdc to 32 Vdc
Current Draw
< 0.5mA Deep Sleep
< 5mA Sleep on Network
< 30mA Active Standby -excluding current drawn by outputs-
150mA Charging internal backup battery -3hrs max-
Backup Battery: 3.7 Vdc @ 900mAH

Operating Temperature: -20C to +70C
Storage Temperature: -30C to +75C
Humidity: < 95% non condensating
Shock and vibration: 202G and 810F, SAE J1455
RoHS Compliant: Yes
Dimensions: 3x2x.8 inches
Weight: 10 Ounces
Status LEDs: 4 General status, GPS and GSM

GNSS -Galileo and A-GPS Ready-
Number of Channels: 20 Channels, L1(1575.42Mhz)
Sensitivity: -160 dbm tracking
Location Accuracy: 3 Meters CEP (with SA off)
Hot Start: 5 sec
Cold Start: 50 sec

Comprehensive I/O
Inputs: 2
Outputs: 2 @ 2 amp each (to relays)
Extra Serial Port: 1 full duplex @ 115,200 kbps

GSM Modem
Radio Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
Transmit power: Class 4 (2w @850/900 Mhz) / Class 1 (1w @1800/1900 Mhz)
Data Support: GPRS, SMS



SOS Button
By simply pressing the SOS button on the device, gives your drivers a simple and reliable way to call “SOS” style emergency help.
Geo-FenceThis feature allows the Fleet Manager or a parent to set an area on the map where the child may travel. A notification is sent to the parent when a child breaches the restricted area.
Bread Crumbing Feature
You can schedule a series of “automatic locates” to identify a trail of locations over a specific period of time. This feature is great for identifying a specific route or series of destinations.
Over Speed Alert
Perfect for teenage drivers and company owned vehicles, this feature allows Fleet managers and parents to be notified by text and or email when their drivers are exceeding the speed limit. A detailed “Driving Report” is available with a touch of a button online or on your PC or any web enabled cell phone.
You decide which features are best for your driver/teens
Best of all, you can inform your driver/teens about the various features as you see best.
Your Drivers/teens Can Now Call For Emergency Help!
The incredible My Secure Kids GPS Child Locator is Packed With Features:

  • SOS Button: Allows drivers to signal for help.
  • Bread Crumbing: Track your drivers/teenagers to see where they have been and when they were there.
  • Multiple Units: Keep track of all your vehicles simultaneously.
  • Low-Cost: Service plans starting as low as $19.95/month.