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Auto Eagle is the security, tracking and recovery system the auto industry has been waiting for! Auto Eagle combines all the best of the Viper/Clifford alarm systems, the On-Star tracking system and the Lo-Jack recovery system. And Auto Eagle outperforms them all, at a fraction of the price! For example, that antiquated radio frequency which Lo-Jack uses to locate your vehicle is easily disabled by thieves. But Auto Eagle uses both GPS and cell phone technology. It can see your car wherever it goes, even under roof or under ground. And it never stops working. Therea��s no comparison. Whether your vehicle is new or used, install Auto Eagle today! Moto Eagle tracking devices keep your motorcycle as secure as humanly possible. Moto Eagle is a compact, weatherproof unit that combines state-of-the-art GPS tracking, cell phone telemetry tracking, and GSM/GPRS wireless alerting. It can warn you of theft, disable the ignition and fuel, and recover your bike as quickly as possible. It tracks your bikea��s location, direction and speed and can even instantly notify the authorities if therea��s an accident. All information is transmitted through a cell connection to Eagle Track GPSa��s redundant tracking servers. You access it with any web-enabled cell phone, handheld device or computer.A�Whether yourA�bike is new or used, installA�Moto Eagle today! Eagle Track Marine ET-MT100 is one of the best marine craft tracking and security system money can buy. Eagle Track Marine was designed by experienced sailors who understand your needs. For example, it provides a dock/storage fence that alerts you if your craft is moved without your authorization. It reports position, speed and direction, and all occurrences are relayed instantaneously to the vessel owners who can act quickly to prevent theft, unauthorized use or sinking in real time to handheld devices or computers. Therea��s also a powerful battery backup, so ita��s always working. And yet, therea��s no lower-cost marine tracking GPS on the market today!
Fleet Eagle tracking devices are changing the world of fleet management! With our real-time tracking and analyzing website, youa��ll save time and money from day one. At a glance, youa��ll access a wealth of valuable information about all your drivers and vehicles. Fleet Eaglea��s many amazing abilities include: dispatching, least-cost routing, driver monitoring, vehicle profiling, trip profiling, vehicle efficiency reports and even vehicle diagnostics monitoring on the fly. Fleet Eagle helps your fleet move faster, safer and more efficiently. Best of all, Fleet Eagle is incredibly affordable. Bottom line: Fleet Eagle doesna��t just pay for itself. It pays for a whole lot more!