Why Is Auto Eagle Better Then The Rest?

Auto Eagle uses a hybrid GNSS System to track your vehicles. By combining both GPS and Cell phone telemetry we are able to offer a more consistent track with little or no blackouts. Auto Eagle offers another advantage over our competitors, our intelligent tracking devices are actually a communication port with its own brain. Manufactured here in the USA, giving you an unparalleled ability to program the devices to your particular specifications.

Vehicle Location in Urban Environments


Although GPS location for the transportation industry is the marvel of the 21st century, it still has many limitations in urban environments.

GPS works using a�?line of sighta�? radio communications. GPS location devices need to triangulate the devicea��s location by accessing a minimum of three global positioning satellites. Large buildings will hamper GPS only devices ability to see the orbiting satellites, therefore your vehicles will not be able to receive the signal and in turn fleet managers will lose contact with the vehicles.

In urban areas, GPS suffers from several drawbacks such as multi-tracks and masking. GPS signals are often blocked or reflected by high-rise buildings, urban canyons and heavily wooded areas. Since a vehicle cannot be localized continuously by GPS alone, Auto Eaglea��s hybrid system involves merging data from both GPS and cell phone signal triangulation. For example, if the signals from the GPS satellites are blocked by buildings, Auto Eaglea��s hybrid system will continually track the vehicle and provide an accurate position while operating in these environments.

Why not just use cell phone triangulation?
Because cell phone coverage is variable and imperfect, there are many instances when relying on a cell phone only triangulation to locate a vehicle will leave you blind. In rural areas, intermittent coverage can be due to sparse cell phone towers or geographic features such as valleys or dense woodlands. In urban areas, many tunnels and buildings block cell phone signals. Signal strength and availability is also often different between providers, even in the same coverage area.
Auto Eaglea��s Hybrid technology offers the perfect solution for these types of environments. By using both the cell phone tracking telemetry and GPS satellite tracking, Auto Eagle is uniquely qualified to handle all your tracking requirements.