About Us

Eagle Track GPS was founded out of the need to find a quality GPS tracking device that meets all the stringent requirements and high standards necessary to truly protect your valuable assets, vehicles, employees and loved ones. Originally founded in 2008 as “My Secured Kidz LLC” (www.mysecuredkids.com). For this venture we initially purchased GPS devices that were manufactured in Asia – as do most GPS tracking companies still to this day! After extensive testing in real world applications, we found these devices to be cheaply manufactured and inefficient. They provided inconsistent tracking reports and locations at best. They just didna��t work very well!

After exhaustive testing of many brands, we decided that none met the standards necessary for us to put our faith in. Thata��s why we have spent the last three years researching and developing our own line of superior tracking devices. Which are proudly designed and manufactured right here in The U.S.A.

Our devices are one of the most accurateA� on the market simply because we have combined both cellular telemetry tracking with GPS in order to locate and track your valuable assets. Our devices work indoors, under dense foliage, in urban canyons and in many other areas where GPS-only tracking is rendered virtually useless.

But we werena��t satisfied with just besting the competition at reliability and performance! We also combined our advanced tracking technology with the advanced features of high-end alarm systems like Viper/Clifford, plus the amazing abilities to monitor and recover vehicles found in On-Star and Lo-Jack. This all adds up to an amazingly powerful and yet affordable solution for security, tracking and recovery a�� all in one compact, weather proof, state of the art device!
Currently, the Eagle Track GPS product lines include Auto Eagle for cars and trucks, Sea Eagle Marine GPS for boats, Ski Eagle for personal watercraft and Moto Eagle for motorcycles.

Additional solutions we have created include autonomous, assisted and hybrid-assisted GPS tracking equipment. We have also developed our own proprietary software, hardware, I-Phone/Blackberry Apps and equipment. Our equipment technology, along with our advanced mapping software, enables our devices to track your valuable assets in any environment for extended periods of time.

Coming soon, a new product: the Life-Link GPS Personal Tracker! “The World’s Smallest SOS Enabled Water Proof Tracking Device.” This is an on-the-go device that far surpasses the capabilities of the well-known Life-Alert device, which only works within a small predefined area.